Über „We Telemark“ und ihr Projekt Telemarkeras

Promotion of a great and complete Winter-Sport Discipline: „TELEMARK“. We want to offer proximity. We want to help those who always wanted to try but never had the chance. For that reason we have a Rental Fleet of Telemark boots, skis and bindings and offer lessons, lectures, presentations, fun and educational videos, information, and directions anytime anywhere. We Telemark is currently fiscally based between Japan and Australia, nonetheless we could always offer the right information where to go if you find yourself in other place in the World. We specially want to make sure that We Telemark will always be there to support and encourage WOMAN around the world and KIDS to try, practice it, love it and even become professionals. We guide and technically prepare those who want to become Telemark professional Instructors and get them in touch with different National Snow-Sports Association for them to begin with their Instructors pathway. We Telemark will always try to provide the information in different languages, as much as We can, and if not, We will ask for help. (Quelle Facebook)